With the beautiful Spring months just around the corner, we are delighted to launch our Spring Afternoon Tea in Northern Ireland

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea, and there’s no better place to indulge than at Tullyglass House Hotel, located in the heart of Ballymena. The rustic McAllister’s Whiskey Lounge also offers a charming setting for a luxurious afternoon tea experience. With our picturesque gardens and elegant decor, our hotel provides the perfect backdrop for a delightful Spring Afternoon Tea.

Our highly-experienced team of chefs at Tullyglass House Hotel have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to craft a wonderful Spring Afternoon Tea that is the perfect match for a season of fresh blooms and florals. 

Explore the Spring Afternoon Tea Menu at Tullyglass

Our delightful Spring Afternoon Tea Menu has been carefully crafted using the freshest ingredients from a range of local suppliers in Ballymena and beyond. 

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into our hotel’s spacious Whiskey Lounge. Following this, they are treated to a selection of delicious finger sandwiches. Our delicious sandwiches are handmade with various fillings including Chicken & Mayonnaise, Salad & Cream Cheese and Ham & Mustard. Each sandwich is crafted with care. We use the finest local ingredients to ensure a truly indulgent experience at our Spring Afternoon Tea in Northern Ireland. 

From sweet to savoury, we have something for everyone

After enjoying the savoury sandwiches, our guests are invited to indulge in freshly baked scones. These scones are served with jam and cream – the perfect accompaniment to a steaming pot of tea. Our scones are renowned for their softness and warmth. They are also freshly baked by our amazing chefs, making them the ideal treat for a lazy spring afternoon.

To complete the afternoon tea experience, guests are offered a selection of sweet treats, including miniature cakes and pastries. These delectable treats are carefully crafted by our hotel’s pastry chef and will delight even the most discerning sweet tooth. From miniature éclairs to fruit tarts, the selection of sweet treats is truly outstanding in our Spring Afternoon Tea.

An unforgettable, luxurious Spring Afternoon Tea experience

Throughout the Spring Afternoon Tea experience, our guests are served by the hotel’s attentive staff. Our team are always on hand to ensure that every detail is just right. 

The staff at McAllister’s Whiskey Lounge are highly knowledgeable about the tea selection. We are also happy to offer recommendations for those who are unsure of which pastries, savouries and hot drinks to choose from.

A wonderful afternoon within the beautiful surroundings of our hotel

Spring Hotel in Northern Ireland

In addition to the delicious food and attentive service, Tullyglass House Hotel also boasts stunning surroundings. Our hotel’s gardens are in full bloom during Spring. They provide a picturesque setting for a leisurely Spring Afternoon Tea in Northern Ireland. Guests are also welcome to take a stroll around the gardens after their tea, taking in the sights and scents of the season. 

A Spring Afternoon Tea at Tullyglass House Hotel is a delightful and luxurious experience that should not be missed. From the delicious food to the attentive service and stunning surroundings, every aspect of our Afternoon Tea experience is designed to provide guests with a truly indulgent treat.

So, if you’re looking for a luxurious way to spend a Spring afternoon, be sure to book your Spring Afternoon Tea at Tullyglass today.