As we are all very aware Northern Ireland has done extremely well regarding the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine. We wanted to do our part to help the people of Northern Ireland. We were thrilled when the Braid Family Practice came to the Tullyglass House Hotel in regards to hosting vaccination clinics.

Tullyglass vaccination clinic

Marie, from the Braid Family Practice, asked Tullyglass House Hotel to host the vaccination clinics. As she thought using a larger site for the community to receive their Covid jabs would be safer for everyone.

We were extremely honoured to host these vaccination clinics. It gave Tullyglass House Hotel the opportunity to do what we love… help the local community.

From December 2020, Tullyglass has been host to ten vaccination clinics. These clinics helped hundreds of people in the community receive their Covid-19 vaccine. By hosting these clinics, the Health and Care Centre were able to avoid bringing in additional patients to the centre. This also meant that there would be fewer smaller clinics for a more efficient roll out. The convenience of our on-site car park and separate entrances and exits meant that patients and staff were kept safe and sound.

Our effort to help the community

We jumped at the chance to help out! As Gus McConville (Managing Director of Tullyglass House Hotel) said, we were immediately happy to be part of this effort and there would be no charge for using the hotel. Tullyglass chose to offer our facilities free of charge as we know the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine. We wanted to do everything possible to contribute.

We are so glad to be contributing to the behind the scenes work that has gone into the fast roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine here in Northern Ireland. The Braid Family Practice continues to do an incredible job, working with many other generous organisations who have come together to serve their communities in a health crisis, and to ultimately save lives.


To ready more about the Braid Family Practice and their work with the roll out of the vaccine check out the blog by Love Ballymena.