With the uncertainties of the past year we have seen a rise in the al fresco dining trend. Al fresco dining was Northern Ireland’s hospitality sector‘s only way to get back to serving their delicious food and drink. At Tullyglass we were lucky enough to have beautiful grounds that allowed us to serve Austins Bar and Restaurant’s food outside while enjoying our lovely gardens.

The pros and cons

Although indoor dining is up and running our al fresco dining is carrying on for as long as the sun is shining. There are pros and cons to outdoor dining, especially in Northern Ireland. 


There are many pros of al fresco dining. The reason we kept it going at Tullyglass was how much our guests enjoyed it. Dining outside is very trendy in 2021. It creates a great atmosphere that allows our guests to relax and enjoy their meal. Outdoor dining has also allowed us to create more seating for our guests, we couldn’t turn anyone away from our tasty food! 


There aren’t many but we have found a few cons. The number one being the weather. SHOCK! As we all know the weather in Northern Ireland is nothing short of unpredictable. We try our best to keep an eye on it but one minute the sun is splitting the trees and the next it is pouring down. All we can do is play it by ear and have umbrellas on stand by.


As long as the weather is dry and the food is good we will continue to offer delicious food and good craic with Austins al fresco dining. 

Dining Al Fresco at Austins Bar and Restaurant

Tullyglass’ very own Austins Bar and Restaurant is known for its delicious food and drinks. We are open seven days a week from 10am, serving lunch and dinner. We not only have lunch and dinner menus running all day, we also have a special offers menu with a choice of either a two course or three course meal for an excellent price. 


We have used our ground at Tullyglass Hotel wisely as we know the safety of our guests is still a huge factor to consider. Our tables are scattered around the front of our building with the beautiful greenery surrounding you while you enjoy your meal. Staff are continually walking around to ensure our top class service isn’t just inside our hotel. 


Austins Bar and Restaurant is open to everyone! You can enjoy it whether you are staying over at our hotel or you are just popping in for a quick bite to eat. Austins’ al fresco dining is the perfect place to enjoy your meal. 


Call in and visit us at Tullyglass to see for yourself how we have catered our al fresco dining to you, our wonderful guests! We look forward to seeing you.