There are always many factors to consider when planning your Northern Irish wedding. From location, ceremony, catering and all those little added extras that seem to trickle in as the planning goes on – we have a few suggestions from the many beautiful weddings that have taken place here.


Northern Ireland has many wonderful locations for your wedding but how do you know which one is right for you? If you are from Northern Ireland you probably already have a few locations in mind for your wedding ceremony and photographs but how do you narrow it down. 

In our experience the best way to narrow down your options is to look at social media! Instagram can be a great source for bespoke locations that you never would have thought of. If you search for a location on Instagram thousands of pictures taken by normal people can appear. Tiktok and Instagram Reels can also lend themselves to your search for that perfect location. If you are on these platforms you may have noticed some accounts rating ‘places to go’ or ‘top ten views in NI’. These videos can give you a real insight into places you would never have thought of. 

Of course the Tullyglass grounds are perfect for your wedding photos but why not have both? Here are a few places near our hotel that you could sneak of to on your wedding day;


Tandragee Forest 

Antrim Castle Gardens

Portglenone Forest Park

Randalstown Forest


It is important that your northern Irish wedding ceremony is bespoke to you. Firstly you have to think about where you would like to hold your ceremony. It is more popular nowadays to hold your ceremony close to or in the location of your wedding. Mainly as it means less travelling for wedding party and guests. Holding your ceremony in the hotel allows you to have more control over your wedding day. Although if you wish to hold your Northern Irish wedding ceremony in a church you get to hire out fancy wedding cars! 

If you wish to have your wedding ceremony in our hotel we will work with you in designing the room and all the small details that come along with it, from chair covers, flowers lighting and everything in between. To those wishing to have a civil wedding ceremony, we have a Civil Licence which allows for the marriage to be conducted within the Venetian Suite of the hotel.

Tullyglass Hotel

Northern Ireland Wedding Ceremony

The little things

It is the little personal touches that really make your day yours. Over the years we have hosted many Northern Ireland weddings at our hotel and we have seen many unique touches to their wedding. Here are a few little things to add to your special day;


A candy cart – it is a classic but there is a reason for that. Fill a candy cart with all your favourite sweets and watch your guests eyes light up. The kids and the adults will love this one!

A photo booth – of course you will have many photos of your wedding day from the professional photographer but they will not be as personal or funny as the drunken photo booth photographs!

Coffee stand – this one is not as common but it is becoming more popular as we all become coffee experts! Some coffee shops around Northern Ireland allow you to rent a coffee cart for the day to give your guests the energy they need for all the dancing.

Firepit – no matter what temperature is, it is nice for your guests to experience the grounds at your wedding. Having a firepit outside can allow your guests to enjoy inside and outside at your wedding

Garden games – Keeping your guests occupied while your wedding party is busy with the photographer can be tough and drinking from 2pm isn’t always the best idea! Garden games are the perfect way for your guests to fill those fews hours while they wait for their dinner.

Ice cream cart –  Who doesn’t love a poke? An ice cream cart is the perfect snack to fill the space between your guests breakfast and the reception dinner. Northern Ireland has many ice cream carts you can hire for your wedding day.