Christmas is a magical time for many but for some, it is even more magical. This is the time when lots of you love birds take the next step and begin planning your life together. Which only means one thing… planning your wedding!

We are here to tell you why you should choose Tullyglass House Hotel & Residences as your wedding destination. Whether you are getting married this year or in a few years we are here and ready to help you.

planning your wedding

A Tullyglass Wedding

Weddings at Tullyglass are like no other. The weddings we hold have been known to be enchanting, bespoke and overall a dream come true. 


We have the perfect grounds surrounding our hotel which creates a wonderful feel for your wedding from the get-go. These beautiful grounds make your photographers job a lot easier and in turn, your wedding photographs will be absolutely stunning. 


Inside our hotel, you can the choice of rooms that you would like to hold your wedding. We have the beautiful, refurbished Clocktower Ballroom. This room can be set up for larger or smaller weddings as the layout can be changed along with the partition that is installed. If this room isn’t what you are looking for we have our Corinthian room located on the other side of our hotel, right next to our beautiful conservatory – plenty of natural light there!


If you wish to hold your ceremony with us we have a romantic venue for all weddings and for those wishing to have a civil wedding ceremony, we have a Civil Licence which allows for the marriage to be conducted within the Venetian Suite of the hotel. This conveniently allows the day to flow seamlessly from the ceremony itself, into your Wedding Reception and Evening celebrations. The Venetian Suite is a regal room that features a high ceiling decorated with original plaster mouldings which add a sense of history.


We can’t forget about the food! The food at your wedding is something everyone looks forward to all day, as much as you may not want to believe this! But we are well aware of this which means we ensure that the food at your wedding is delicious and also that it accommodates all of your guests. When planning your wedding our team will give you a choice of different options to choose from. These options include all dietary needs including vegetarian, lactose intolerant and gluten-free. And if you have ever been to our hotel for a meal you will know to expect a tasty meal!

Northern Ireland wedding
Planning your wedding

Planning your wedding should be a joyful experience and with Tullyglass it can be! Our wedding planning team has many years of experience when it comes to wedding planning. That much so that we have been able to create 4 bespoke wedding packages to suit each couple and their guests. Plus a design package that allows you to take complete control and build your own wedding package. 

So, enjoy the process and leave it up to the experts to plan your wedding.

Wedding tips and tricks

From planning your wedding to doing everything to enjoying your big day. Here are a few tips and tricks that we have taken note of!


  • Take your time in planning: do not rush into any deposits! If you find something you would like for your wedding take your time. Do a bit of research and make sure it is something you really want!
  • Find time for you and your partner: it is all about you! Make sure you and your partner are enjoying the process of planning just as much as you want to enjoy your wedding day.
  • Take a mental note of your day: Your wedding day will fly by in an instant so make sure you take a few mental notes that you will keep forever.