The Northern Ireland hospitality sector has definitely been tested over the past two years. It has worried a lot of businesses and employees in the sector but as a sector we are ready to get back on our feet. An NI hospitality school has just welcomed its first students recently. These students will learn tricks of the bar industries trade and hopefully become the future of our beloved hospitality sector.

Northern Ireland Hospitality School

This school was set up and funded by the Gallaher Trust and will focus on the Level Two course in Professional Bartending, (including cocktails). 


“A total of seven individuals will get the opportunity to learn about basic bartending, the art of mixology, sales techniques, finance training and personal development, thanks to a £260,000 investment that will be awarded to the Hospitality School over the next three years by The Gallaher Trust.” – Love Ballymena 


This school will look to create over 70 jobs in Northern Ireland. Not only that, it will create well trained bar staff to work in the hospitality industry across Northern Ireland.


“I am delighted to see the new cohort starting at the Northern Ireland Hospitality School where they will learn all the skills they need to, to carve out a successful career in the hospitality sector,” said Pat McCallion, Board Member of The Gallaher Trust.

Tullyglass’ role in the future of hospitality

You may be wondering what Tullyglass House Hotel and Residences have to do with this new school. As a Northern Irish hotel we take great pride in being a part of Northern Ireland’s hospitality sector. We were delighted to be a part of the Gallaher Trust’s mission. This will create more job opportunities and skill development in the Ballymena area. 


Upon completion of this six week course the graduates will be guaranteed employment with us along with other Ballymena hotels, like Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort and the Adair Arms Hotel. 


We want nothing more than the Northern Ireland hospitality industry to thrive. This school will do more than just create jobs. It will encourage more young people to view hospitality as a career instead of just a part time job. Learning bartending skills, communication, people skills and business skills that they can carry with them throughout their career. 


Learn more about this wonderful opportunity for young people across Northern Ireland in this article by Love Ballymena.