Everyone loves a quick trip away even if it is just up the road. Northern Ireland’s north coast is one of the most popular destinations for a fun-filled day trip or a long weekend break. When taking a trip up the north coast you will be audience to beautiful scenery from green fields to blue seas as you drive along. There are also plenty of historic places to visit and a few tasty food places to stop at, including Austin’s at Tullyglass!

Sightseeing in Northern Ireland

There are a lot of sights to see in Northern Ireland. The north coast is home to many. If you are planning a trip up the north coast then we have a few of the must-see sights for your list.


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Beginning with one of the main attractions in Northern Ireland and an old Celtic tale. This site is a geological wonder which gives the route its name. The Giant’s Causeway sits at the centre of an Area of Outstanding Beauty and is Northern Ireland’s only World Heritage Site, famously steeped in myth and legend. The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most famous sights on the north coast and it is only 30 minutes drive from our hotel!


Dark Hedges

The hedges that became famous for their part in the worldwide phenomenon ‘Game of Thrones’ these hedges are iconic! The intertwining archway has become one of the most visited spots when people visit Northern Ireland and they are only 20 minutes from our north coast hotel. We bet this was already on your list.


Seamus Heaney Home

If you are travelling to the north coast to take in the rich culture that is spread across Northern Ireland then the Seamus Heaney Home is a must-see! This home is rich with inspiration, echoing the life, literature and legacy of the Northern Irish poet, Seamus Heaney. This site is full of the knowledge and appreciation of the poet where you can get a real feel of his life and legacy here in Northern Ireland. And this is all just 25 minutes from Tullyglass Hotel!


Eating on the North Coast

You can’t make your way around all these sights without stopping for a quick coffee or a bite to eat! While driving along the causeway coastal route you will come across a few coffee shops to keep those energy levels up. Some nice spots include Causeway Cafe, Percy’s, Woodlands Cafe and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Coffee, tea and tray-bakes along the north coast will only get you so far. After all your sightseeing is complete and your head is bursting with the culture of Northern Ireland why not come for a visit to Tullyglass for a delicious meal or even a night’s stay? 


We have a beautiful selection of lunch, dinner and dessert available at Austin’s Bar & Restaurant that will be sure to fill you after a long day of sightseeing. Not only that, our Post House Carvery runs throughout the entire week so no matter what day you choose to visit you can enjoy our famous carvery. 

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